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Female Singer to be part of our new Arena-Touring Show: Apply now!SingersSpecific role
Urgent: Puppeteers/Physical actors to be part of our new Arena-Touring ShowPhysical ActorsSpecific role
Urgent: Theatre Actor to be part of our new Arena-Touring Show - Apply now!Physical ActorsSpecific role
Other talents: Freestyle football audition in Paris, France, February 2015Other TalentsAudition
Urgent: Professional Female Trapeze Flyer for our resident show Mystère – ApplyCircus PerformersSpecific role
Urgent: Male model to play in our resident show Zumanity, Las Vegas, NV – ApplyPhysical ActorsSpecific role
Dancers: Classical, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop – Open Auditions in AmsterdamDancersAudition
Dancers: Open hip-hop dance auditions in Toronto, ON, Canada on February 8, 2015DancersAudition
Dancers: Open auditions in Salt Lake City, USA (January 30,31 2015)DancersAudition
Singers: Auditions in Mexico City, Mexico - February 2015SingersAudition
Instrumentalists: Auditions in Mexico City, Mexico - February 2015InstrumentalistsAudition
Circus Performers: Auditions in Paris, France - January 2015: Apply onlineCircus PerformersAudition
Dancers: Submit your applicationDancersGeneral Application
Other talents: Submit your applicationOther TalentsGeneral Application
Athletes: Submit your applicationAthletesGeneral Application
Singers: Submit your applicationSingersGeneral Application
Instrumentalists: Submit your applicationInstrumentalistsGeneral Application
Clowns: Submit your applicationClownsGeneral Application
Circus Perfomers: Submit your applicationCircus PerformersGeneral Application
Physical actors: Submit your applicationPhysical ActorsGeneral Application