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Physical Actors/Clowns:Auditions in New-York, United StatesPhysical Actors / ClownsAudition
Dancers: Open auditions in South Africa, October 2014DancersAudition
Physical Actors/Clowns:Auditions in Vancouver, British-Colombia - September 2014Physical Actors / ClownsAudition
Circus Performers and Trampoline & Trampwall Athletes: Auditions in Las VegasAthletes/Circus PerformersAudition
Other Talents – Auditions in Las Vegas, NV (USA) – September 2014Other TalentsAudition
Instrumentalists: Auditions in Madrid, Spain – October 2014InstrumentalistsAudition
Athletes: Open Auditions in Las Vegas, September 2014AthletesAudition
Urgent: Male gymnast with circus ground act to play in our touring show TOTEMAthletesSpecific role
Dancers: Female contemporary dancer for our resident show LoveDancersSpecific role
Physical actors/Clowns: Auditions in Puebla, Mexico – December 2014 - Apply nowPhysical Actors / ClownsAudition
Circus Performers: Auditions in Puebla, Mexico - December 2014: Apply onlineCircus PerformersAudition
Dancers: Submit your applicationDancersGeneral Application
Other talents: Submit your applicationOther TalentsGeneral Application
Athletes: Submit your applicationAthletesGeneral Application
Singers: Submit your applicationSingersGeneral Application
Instrumentalists: Submit your applicationInstrumentalistsGeneral Application
Clowns: Submit your applicationClownsGeneral Application
Circus Perfomers: Submit your applicationCircus PerformersGeneral Application
Physical actors: Submit your applicationPhysical ActorsGeneral Application